About Ashtanga Yoga

What is Ashtanga Yoga Self-Practice?

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga that places emphasis on breath and movement. Each posture is held for a set number of breaths and postures are executed in a particular order. 

Ashtanga Yoga has a reputation of being a "hard" form of yoga and although it is a physically demanding practice I believe that if taught in an environment where kindness and compassion are guiding principles then the practice doesn't have to be "hard". 

I offer props, variations and alternatives to all my students. I use verbal and physical assistance (which is always optional!) to guide a safer and more effective experience of a pose. 

In a self-practice class (traditionally called "Mysore Style"), students move through the order of postures at their own pace according to the dynamic rhythm of their own breathing. In this type of class, I work with students individually (a bit like a private yoga class in a group setting) offering support, guidance or the next posture as required. 

In a led class, I guide students through the poses of the Primary Series and count the breaths so that the class works together as a cohesive whole. Individual variations, props, verbal and hands-on assists (optional), kindness and compassion are still offered! 

Links which may help you if you're not familiar with Ashtanga Yoga:

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