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Big Dog Little Dog

The home practice manual for our yoga with your child programme. Made for parents and their children ages 4-8. Step my step ways of connecting physically through yoga with breath work, acro-yoga and partnering poses.

Moving Sites

The chapter I wrote in this book is about the relationship between performer and audience in a project I made at the site La Pedrera (Gaudi building) in Barcelona.

Creative Arts in Interdisciplinary

I co-wrote a chapter for this text with Dr Amanda Price about empathy in the areas of dance and drama.

Guided Reflection by Chris Johns

The chapter I co-wrote with Dr Amanda Price for this text which is used in Nursing and Health reflects on finding authenticity when representing real patients in performance.

Intersubjectivities in Contemporary

A copy of my PhD - it looks at how it may or may not be possible to reveal your "true self" in movement.

Changing Repetition

This is an article I wrote about dancing and drawing.

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